28 11 / 2013

sbt-buildinfo 0.3.0

breaking change: java.io.File support

Starting sbt-buildinfo 0.3.0, File keys generate java.io.File values.

string literal fix

sbt-buildinfo 0.3.0 also encodes escape characters such as (\) in the generated String literal. #24 contributed by @samir-chouaieb

sbt-buildinfo is a plug-in for sbt to generate Scala source from your build definitions.

27 11 / 2013

literator 0.4.0

For better modularity and convenience of use, separated project into several parts:

  • Library:

    • Added autogenerated links definition list (#7)
    • Changed index building and moved index to the bottom of the document
    • Solved problem of nested comments (#4)
    • Abstracted parsing over particular language (#1); Added the most useful languages
    • Made everything more File-centric (instead of just Strings);
    • Merged literateFile/Dir into one File.literate() method;
  • Sbt plugin:

    • Has docsMap key, for multiple mapping between srcs -> doc dirs
    • Has docsOutputDirs for adding them to cleanFiles
  • Command line application:

    • So far very primitive application; planning to add some nice options and conscript cover.

Other changes:

  • Changed organization in sbt and package prefix in code to laughedelic
  • Now publishing everything to Bintray

Literator is a simple tool for transforming sources to markdown documents, allowing to use literate programming style with Scala and other languages.

25 11 / 2013

xsbt-web-plugin 0.5.0


  • Handle non-jar classpath components (#126)
  • Fix tab completion for contexts (#130)
  • Avoid file locking problem on windows set useFileMappedBuffer to false for jetty (#134)
  • Fix for restart functionality (3e1ddc)
  • Add support for jetty 9.1 (83250d)

Thanks to jannic, agjini, and cdow!

xsbt-web-plugin is an sbt plugin for building Scala Web applications.

24 11 / 2013

sbt-imagej 1.0.0

Initial release, provides two SBT tasks:

  • imagejRun - build project, package plugins, and run ImageJ with those plugins added.
  • imageJPrepareRun - used by imageJRun - builds project and prepares plugin jars.

sbt-imagej is an SBT (Simple Build Tool) plugin that that helps with development of ImageJ plugins (those are different than SBT plugins).

22 11 / 2013

Laika 0.4.0

This is a big update which adds template based site generation, batch processing and related features.

  • Template-based site generation
  • Support for tables of contents, autonumbering of documents and sections and convenient cross-linking between documents for all supported markup formats
  • Custom Directives (tags) for templates and text markup
  • Document Fragments that can be rendered separately from the main document content
  • New API for batch processing for parse, render and full transform operations
  • Parallel processing of parsers and renderers
  • Completely restructured manual

Laika is a customizable and extensible toolkit for transforming lightweight text markup written in Scala, supporting Markdown and reStructuredText as input and HTML as output.


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19 11 / 2013

scalikejdbc 1.7.0

ScalikeJDBC 1.7.0 has been released. Since this version, groupId is changed to “org.scalikejdbc” and GitHub repository has been moved to https://github.com/scalikejdbc/scalikejdbc

ScalikeJDBC Logo



  • Fixed TypeBinder never returns None for primitive values by @gakuzzzz refs #170
  • Changed the behavor of AnyVal subtypes when the column is null by @gakuzzzz refs #172
  • Changed to avoid allocating intermediate function objects by @xuwei-k refs #174

Enjoy writing mostly type-safe SQL and get things done!

ScalikeJDBC is a tidy SQL-based DB access library for Scala.

19 11 / 2013

statika 1.0.0

First stable release

Statika is a set of Scala libraries, which allows you to declare dependencies between components of any modular system and track their correctness using Scala type system.

19 11 / 2013

nispero 1.0.0

First stable release

Nispero is a Scala library designed for scaling stateless computations using Amazon Web Services.

18 11 / 2013

type-sets 0.3.0

Migrated to shapless-2.0

Type Sets are like HLists from shapeless, but cannot have type duplicates and have more “effective” implementation for union, i.e. can check if a type is in the set (in compile time) without traversing the set


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18 11 / 2013

sbt-cross-building 0.8.1

This version adds support for building from sbt 0.13. From now on you can publish 0.11.x or 0.12 plugins from a 0.13 build (#23).

Other changes:

  • introduced latestCompatibleVersionMapper setting which allows to customize which concrete version the plugin should choose for a binary compatible one (e.g. to build against “0.13.1-RC2” instead of “0.13.0” when using ^^0.13).
  • warn when using concrete sbt version instead of binary compatible (e.g. in ^^0.13.0 instead of ^^0.13)

sbt-cross-building is an SBT plugin for simplifying building your plugins for multiple versions of sbt.