29 12 / 2013

xsbt-web-plugin 0.6.0


  • Add host setting for binding to a specific network interface (ec26e5)


  • Move to sbt 0.13.1 and Scala 2.10.3

xsbt-web-plugin is an sbt plugin for building Scala Web applications.

26 12 / 2013

specs2 2.3.7

Maintenance version


  • using a non-SNAPSHOT version for Scala macros
  • making sure that using a subtype matcher with Hamcrest doesn’t throw a ClassCastException #222


specs2 is a library for writing software specifications in Scala.

For more information visit: http://specs2.org.

21 12 / 2013

kiama-1.5.2 1.5.2

The Kiama team is pleased to bring you the next release of the library. This release mostly contains code tidy-up changes, plus a couple of important bug and performance fixes.


  • Attribution

    • Circular attributes are more efficient as they are better at avoiding re-computation
    • circular now returns the correct attribute type, not a plain function type
  • Rewriting

    • Names for strategies that have recursive implementations are now allocated to the top-level strategy only not to each level of the recursion, thereby making profiles of those strategies show correct invocation counts


  • Attribution

    • Circular attributes now have a hasBeenComputedAt method
  • Utility

    • New ProfilingREPL trait to easily combine profiling with REPLs
    • Move to Scallop-based command-line handling in examples


  • Remove some reliance on mutable data and vars
  • Move to sbt 0.13, Scala 2.10.3, ScalaTest 2.0, ScalaCheck 1.10.1, Scallop 0.9.4, dsprofile 0.3
  • Other code tidy up

Kiama is a Scala library for language processing including attribute grammars, term rewriting, abstract state machines and pretty printing.

21 12 / 2013

scalikejdbc 1.7.2

ScalikeJDBC 1.7.2 has been released. Several bugs are fixed and SQLInterpolation is improved.


ScalikeJDBC Logo

Special thanks to @lvicentesanchez, @hagikuratakeshi, @k4200, @itoasuka, @kihn and all the ScalikeJDBC users!


  • #179 ConnectionPool implementation which uses external DataSource support
  • ConnectionPool.get(Any) should throw exception instead of just returning null


  • Changed joinWith(And|Or) appends round-brackets automatically and to(And|Or)ConditionOpt won’t always append round-brackets
  • Added table name verifier (just warning when specified table name might bring users SQL injection vulnerability)
  • #182 [scalikejdbc-users-group:123] named schemas support (suggested by @lvicentesanchez)


  • Fixed that mapper-generator creates incompatible with 1.7.x (RP #177 by @hagikuratakeshi)
  • Fixed #178 mappper-generator creates invalid code when table name’s abbreviation is “rs” (reported by @k4200)
  • Fixed #181 mapper-generator generates invalid code for PostgreSQL (reported by @itoasuka)


  • Fixed setup script bug (PR by @kihn)

Enjoy writing mostly type-safe SQL and get things done!

ScalikeJDBC is a tidy SQL-based DB access library for Scala.

10 12 / 2013

specs2 2.3.6

Maintenance version (skip 2.3.5 which contains a regression)


  • the project now compiles for both Scala 2.10 and 2.11.0-M7 thanks to @retronym


  • added the possibility to use the Mockito timeout methods #214
  • changed junit reporter to include xml declaration for Jenkins #215
  • added a NoToHtmlLinkFragments trait to remove implicits on String to create html #220
  • fixed an unclosing triple quote in the user guide for json matchers


specs2 is a library for writing software specifications in Scala.

For more information visit: http://specs2.org.

09 12 / 2013

json-lenses 0.5.4

Version 0.5.4 is a maintainance release. Fixed issues in this version:

  • #8 added arrayOrSingletonAsArray which allows to reinterpret values as singleton arrays
  • #11 fixed a parser bug in JsonPathParser
  • updated dependencies

json-lenses is a library to query and update (spray-) JSON data.

01 12 / 2013

scalatra 2.3.0.M1


  • Support for Scala 2.9.x dropped.
  • Sever hard Akka dependency. Integration is through scala.concurrent.
  • Change FutureSupport.timeout from a Timeout to a Duration.
  • Add a timeout to AsyncResult.
  • Run callbacks before render in renderResponseBody.
  • Redirect returns Nothing, not unit.
  • Allow calling halt from trap handler.
  • Remove Akka dependency. Only scala.concurrent is needed.


  • Make ScalatraBroadcaster a trait for custom broadcasters.
  • Add RedisScalatraBroadcaster.
  • Support ClientFilter with Redis Atmosphere plugin.


  • Ensure ordering of properties on body parameters from a command by adding a position method.


  • Provide a way to implement custom Messages resolver.


  • Support custom serializers in JValueResult.
  • Check if response is JSON or XML in renderJson.


  • Don’t always render the Scalate Error page.


  • New support module for Spring.


  • Add naive exclusion based on simple class name and known model ID.
  • Add apiOperation and parameter methods that use a swagger model declaration directly.
  • Fix detection of default value.
  • Fix Option data type on models.
  • Fix NPE when the model property has a default value of null.
  • BREAKING Use 1.2 spec.
  • Fix URL generation when a context path is set.
  • Fix serialization of data type for operations and parameters.
  • Fix Option[List[_]] reflection.
  • Output position in Swager spec so model properties have a stable order.
  • Annotated properties are required by default.
  • Force compilation error for apiOperation without type param.

Scalatra is a blazing fast, async Scala web micro-framework; inspired by Sinatra.

30 11 / 2013

sbt-sequential 0.1.0

This is the initial release of sbt-sequential. This plugin is somewhat experimental in nature.


sbt-sequential implicitly adds Def.sequentialTask[T] method, which returns a sequential task.

// sequential task
lazy val integrationTestImpl = Def.sequentialTask {
  val n = 1

integrationTest := integrationTestImpl.value

See sequencing tasks with sbt-sequential for details.

sbt-sequential is a plugin for sbt to create sequential tasks.

30 11 / 2013

scalikejdbc 1.7.1

ScalikeJDBC 1.7.1 has been released. Previously, SQLSyntaxSupport with NamedDB doesn’t support column names auto-loading. Since this version, that’s enabled by just specifying connectionPoolName.


ScalikeJDBC Logo


  • Enabled columns auto-loading for NamedDB refs #176 

Enjoy writing mostly type-safe SQL and get things done!

ScalikeJDBC is a tidy SQL-based DB access library for Scala.


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28 11 / 2013

sbt-buildinfo 0.3.0

breaking change: java.io.File support

Starting sbt-buildinfo 0.3.0, File keys generate java.io.File values.

string literal fix

sbt-buildinfo 0.3.0 also encodes escape characters such as (\) in the generated String literal. #24 contributed by @samir-chouaieb

sbt-buildinfo is a plug-in for sbt to generate Scala source from your build definitions.