28 7 / 2014

sbt-elasticbeanstalk 0.0.7

#AWS @scala_sbt #scala

  • Windows support.
  • Decoupled from Play to support Lift, etc.
  • Added eb-update-version/ebUpdateVersion.
  • Reads System properties when ~/.aws-credentials cannot be found.

sbt-elasticbeanstalk is an sbt plugin for deploying WAR files to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Beanstalk

28 7 / 2014

omniprop 0.2


omniprop is a Scala DSL for unifying JVM property libraries in a type-safe manner


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27 7 / 2014

lift-omniauth 0.14

#scala @liftweb

Supports vk.com authorization. Thank you Mike Limansky for the contribution!

Omniauth for Lift

27 7 / 2014

lift-ng-js 0.1_1.2.21

Packaging of @angularjs 1.2.21 for @liftweb #scala

lift-ng-js is a convenient packaging of AngularJS modules for Lift

27 7 / 2014

doctrine 0.1.0

This is the initial release of doctrine, a command line app to download Scala docs.

$ doctrine "org.scala-lang" % "scala-library" % "2.11.2" -o ~/doc
[info] unzippped documents to /Users/foo/doc/scala-library-2.11.2-javadoc
$ doctrine "com.github.scopt" %% "scopt" % "3.2.0" -o ~/doc      
[info] downloading https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/public/com/github/scopt/scopt_2.11/3.2.0/scopt_2.11-3.2.0-javadoc.jar ...
[info]  [SUCCESSFUL ] com.github.scopt#scopt_2.11;3.2.0!scopt_2.11.jar(doc) (4525ms)
[info] unzippped documents to /Users/foo/doc/scopt_2.11-3.2.0-javadoc

doctrine is an app to download Scala docs.

27 7 / 2014

sbt-jasmine-plugin 1.2.2

#scala #javascript @jasminebdd @scala_sbt

  • Better error message with stack trace.
  • Fixed bug introduced 1.2.1 where it would continue running tests after failure.

Thanks again to Mikael Berglund for the contributions!

sbt-jasmine-plugin is an sbt plugin for running jasmine tests in your build.

27 7 / 2014

lift-ng 0.4.6


#scala @liftweb @angularjs

  • Minor correction to resolution for Issue #1 to correctly allow messages to begin dequeuing without waiting for a new message.
  • Added includeJsScript parameter to Angular.init() to give developers the ability to download the liftproxy.js their own way, such as via head.js.
  • Updated closure compiler.

lift-ng is the most powerful, most secure AngularJS backend available today

26 7 / 2014

sbt-jasmine-plugin 1.2.1

Errors while parsing JavaScript will now result in a failed test run. (Thanks Mikael Berglund)

sbt-jasmine-plugin is an sbt plugin for running jasmine tests in your build.

24 7 / 2014

scalikejdbc 2.0.7

ScalikeJDBC 2.0.7 is out.


ScalikeJDBC Logo


  • #262 SQLSyntax.orderBy(Seq) should be skipped when columns are empty
  • #265 Make acceptable empty value at in clause by @gakuzzzz

Enjoy writing mostly type-safe SQL and get things done!

ScalikeJDBC is a tidy SQL-based DB access library for Scala.


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24 7 / 2014

accord 0.4

Version 0.4 adds support for Scala 2.11 and fixes a major bug around boolean expressions.

  • #20 Scala 2.11 support;
  • #22 Descriptions aren’t generated for clauses on boolean expressions;
  • #23 Multiple-clause boolean expression evaluation is incorrect;
  • Upgraded to Macro Paradise 2.0.1;
  • Upgraded to SpecsĀ² 2.3.13;
  • Upgraded to ScalaTest 2.1.3

Much thanks to Eugene Burmako (@xeno_by) for his assistance on this version! As always, bug reports, pull requests and other ideas are welcome!

Accord is a validation library written in and for Scala, providing a dead-simple story for validation rule definition. It is developed and used at Wix and distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


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