22 9 / 2014

specs2 2.4.4

Maintenance version


  • Using the right scalaz-stream version depending on the Scalaz version


specs2 is a library for writing software specifications in Scala.

For more information visit: http://specs2.org.

21 9 / 2014

giter8 0.6.6

Two new features:

  • Interactively prompt for credentials if required to access the template repository 141
  • A -t option to build a tagged version of a g8 template 143

giter8 is a command line tool to apply templates defined in any git repository

21 9 / 2014

unfiltered 0.8.2

This release includes several improvements and dependency updates:

  • Ad-hoc success filtering for directives 258
  • Ability to retrieve HTTP status code from HttpResponse 259
  • Netty 4.0.23 251
  • ScalaTest 2.2.1 252

Unfiltered is a toolkit for servicing HTTP requests in Scala.

19 9 / 2014

sbt-doctest 0.1.0


  • Test type equality in the REPL style
  • Allow val, var, and def definitions in all styles
  • Improve test descriptions

sbt-doctest is a sbt plugin that generates tests from examples in ScalaDoc.

18 9 / 2014

specs2 2.4.3

Maintenance version


`Seq(1) must contain(allOf(ListInt:_))` must be successful


specs2 is a library for writing software specifications in Scala.

For more information visit: http://specs2.org.

18 9 / 2014

scalikejdbc 2.1.2

ScalikeJDBC 2.1.2 is out.


ScalikeJDBC Logo


  • [core] Fix SQL logging removes rest part after line comment by @seratch
  • [interpolation] #282 Improve SQLSyntax#eq, #ne to generate “is null” query when accepting null/None values by @seratch
  • [syntax-support-macro] should not use Option#get by @xuwei-k
  • [mapper-generator-core] #281 add defaultAutoSession setting by @xuwei-k

Enjoy writing mostly type-safe SQL and get things done!

ScalikeJDBC is a tidy SQL-based DB access library for Scala.

17 9 / 2014

sbt-notebook 0.1.1


  • Cleaner project settings, test projects
  • Fix: build products of the root project were not included in the classpath (sub-projects still ok)

sbt-notebook is a sbt plugin that adds scala-notebook capabilities to sbt projects.


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16 9 / 2014

sbt-jasmine-plugin 1.3.0

#scala #javascript @jasminebdd @scala_sbt

  • Updated to utilize Jasmine 2.0.3.
  • Can optionally specify the Jasmine edition (1 or 2) via sbt setting jasmineEdition.
  • Jasmine edition 1 has been updated from 1.1.0 to 1.3.1.

Thanks to Michal Sitko for the contribution!

sbt-jasmine-plugin is an sbt plugin for running jasmine tests in your build.

16 9 / 2014

sbt-appengine 0.6.2

bug fix

  • Fixes invalid jar file error with SDK 1.9.10. #32 by @int128

sbt-appengine is a plug-in for sbt that automates Google App Engine deployment.

13 9 / 2014

sbt 0.13.6

Fixes with compatibility implications

  • Maven Central Repository, Java.net Maven 2 Repository, Typesafe Repository, and sbt Plugin repository now defaults to HTTPS. (See below)
  • ThisProject used to resolve to the root project in a build even when it’s place in subproj/build.sbt. sbt 0.13.6 fixes it to resolve to the sub project. #1194/#1358 by @dansanduleac
  • Global plugins classpath used to be injected into every build. This will no longer be the case. #1347/#1352 by @dansanduleac
  • Fixes newer command in scripted. #1419 by @jroper
  • Name hashing is enabled by default. inc.Analysis.empty also defaults to the one compatible with name hashing. #1546 by @gkossakowski


  • Derived settings can replace previously-defined but non-default settings. #1036 by @dansanduleac
  • Sorts setting key names in the inspect tree view. #1313 by @2m
  • Uses separate update caches when cross compiling scala. #1330 by @pvlugter
  • Ensures sequences in analysis files are read in order. #1346 by @benjyw
  • Enables tab completion for scripted task. #1383 by @xuwei-k
  • Allows project reference to to a branch of a local git repository. #1409 by @vn971
  • Triggered Execution is now aware of rename or move of files. #1401 by @xuwei-k
  • No longer updates classifiers of projectDependencies. #1366/#1367 by @dansanduleac
  • Selects the first test fingerprint for a test name for forked tests. #1450 by @pvlugter
  • Allows default auto plugins to be disabled. #1451 by @jsuereth
  • Allows keys defined inside build.sbt to be used from sbt shell. #1059/#1456
  • Updates internal Ivy instance to cache the results of dependency exclusion rules. #1476 by @eed3si9n
  • Adds Resolver.jcenterRepo and Resolver.bintrayRepo(owner, repo) to add Bintray easier. #1405 by @evgeny-goldin
  • AutoPlugins with no requirements enabled by allRequirements can now be disable dby the user. #1516 by @jsuereth

Bug fixes

  • Allows auto-generated projects to have overridden organization. #1315/#1378 by @jsuereth
  • Fixes auto plugins declared without package object. #1423 by @lpiepiora
  • Fixes plugin command. #1416/#1426 by @lpiepiora
  • Adds scala-jar to the list of jar artifacts recognized by CustomPomParser. #1400 by @dpratt
  • Fixes cross versioning to recognize version number with mutiple -tags. #1433 by @henrikengstrom
  • Works around “Not a simple type” breaking -Xfatal-warnings. #1477 by @puffnfresh
  • Fixes sLog usage in tandem with the set comamnd #1486 @jsuereth
  • Test suites with whitespace will have prettier filenames #1487 @jsuereth
  • sbt no longer crashes when run in root directory #1488 by @jsuereth
  • set no longer removes any ++ scala version setting. #856/#1489 by @jsuereth
  • Fixes Scope.parseScopedKey. #1384 by @eed3si9n
  • Fixes build.sbt errors causing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException due to invalid source in position. #1181 by @eed3si9n
  • Fixes http.proxyPassword showing up in launcher’s update.log. #670 by @eed3si9n
  • Fixes config-classes leak in loading build files. #1524 by @jsuereth
  • Fixes name-conflicts in hashed settings class files. #1465 by @jsuereth
  • Fixes the pom conversion of dynamic revisions like 1.1+. #1275 by @eed3si9n
  • Fixes NullPointerError in tab completion by FileExamples. #1530 by @eed3si9n
  • Fixes metabuild downloading unused Scala 2.10.2. #1439 by @eed3si9n

HTTPS related changes

Thanks to Sonatype, HTTPS access to Maven Central Repository is available to public. This is now enabled by default, but if HTTP is required for some reason the following system properties can be used:


Java.net Maven 2 repository, Typesafe repository, and sbt Plugin repository also defaults to HTTPS.

#1494 by @rtyley, #1536 by @benmccann, and #1541 by @eed3si9n.


sbt 0.13.6 now allows enablePlugins and disablePlugins to be written directly in build.sbt. #1213/#1312 by @jsuereth

Unresolved dependencies error

sbt 0.13.6 will try to reconstruct dependencies tree when it fails to resolve a managed dependency. This is an approximation, but it should help you figure out where the problematic dependency is coming from. When possible sbt will display the source position next to the modules:

[warn]  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[warn]  ::          UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES         ::
[warn]  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[warn]  :: foundrylogic.vpp#vpp;2.2.1: not found
[warn]  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[warn]  Note: Unresolved dependencies path:
[warn]      foundrylogic.vpp:vpp:2.2.1
[warn]        +- org.apache.cayenne:cayenne-tools:3.0.2
[warn]        +- org.apache.cayenne.plugins:maven-cayenne-plugin:3.0.2 (/foo/some-test/build.sbt#L28)
[warn]        +- d:d_2.10:0.1-SNAPSHOT

#528/#1422/#1447 by @eed3si9n

Eviction warnings

sbt 0.13.6 displays eviction warnings when it resolves your project’s managed dependencies via update task. Currently the eviction warnings are categorized into three layers: scalaVersion eviction, direct evictions, and transitive evictions. By default eviction warning on update task will display only scalaVersion evictin and direct evictions.

scalaVersion eviction warns you when scalaVersion is no longer effecitive. This happens when one of your dependency depends on a newer release of scala-library than your scalaVersion. Direct evctions are evictions related to your direct dependencies. Warnings are displayed only when API incompatibility is suspected. For Java libraries, Semantic Versioning is used for guessing, and for Scala libraries Second Segment versioning (second segment bump makes API incompatible) is used.

To display all eviction warnings with caller information, run evicted task.

[warn] There may be incompatibilities among your library dependencies.
[warn] Here are some of the libraries that were evicted:
[warn]     * com.typesafe.akka:akka-actor_2.10:2.1.4 -> 2.3.4 (caller: com.typesafe.akka:akka-remote_2.10:2.3.4,
org.w3:banana-sesame_2.10:0.4, org.w3:banana-rdf_2.10:0.4)

#1200/#1467 by @eed3si9n


sbt 0.13.6 adds a new setting key called updateOptions for customizing the details of managed dependency resolution with update task. One of its flags is called lastestSnapshots, which controls the behavior of the chained resolver. Up until 0.13.6, sbt was picking the first -SNAPSHOT revision it found along the chain. When latestSnapshots is enabled (default: true), it will look into all resolvers on the chain, and compare them using the publish date.

The tradeoff is probably a longer resolution time if you have many remote repositories on the build or you live away from the severs. So here’s how to disable it:

updateOptions := updateOptions.value.withLatestSnapshots(false)

#1514 by @eed3si9n

Consolidated resolution

updateOptions can also be used to enable consolidated resolution for update task.

updateOptions := updateOptions.value.withConsolidatedResolution(true)

This feature is specifically targeted to address Ivy resolution is beging slow for multi-module projects #413. Consolidated resolution aims to fix this issue by artificially constructing an Ivy dependency graph for the unique managed dependencies. If two subprojects introduce identical external dependencies, both subprojects should consolidate to the same graph, and therefore resolve immediately for the second update. #1454 by @eed3si9n